Remembering Tips about Soulties

Soul ties

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Iam getting a lot of calls and email from people who are still going through soulties here is more,  please   go back and read   part 1 & 2,3  this is some information for you to remember and to be a doer of the word and if your still struggling then you need to go to your Pastor for prayer deliverance. Soulties tips to help you and were praying for you.

The meaning of soulties; When the emotions ,mind, will of a person becomes entangled to a point where their thoughts are no linger their own.  Now there are different levels of soul ties but today these are reminder of what you have study we get so busy and off track we lose sight of these things sometime.

1. Walking in deception , desolation, and death .  

2.Walking confused and irrational and depressed, being in bondage, snares, delusions, hinderance of suppressed in the destinies purpose of God.

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